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This Article Will Shock Everything You Knew About Twin Flames So Far

This Article Will Shock Everything You Knew About Twin Flames So Far

Everything has a natural explanation. The moon is not a god, but a great rock, and the sun a hot rock. -Anaxagoras

In this life, we are ruled by so many things other than our own will or preferences. We are programmed by Society, by our Family and Religion, we are ruled by Ego and its undeveloped and primitive urges, we are programmed by our Zodiac predisposition, by so many things we have little or no control. So is there a way out of the "truth" we learned so far?

I had the bless and the curse to meet someone so Magical who turned out to be a really dark Narcissist with no conscience at all while at the very first the signs and everything was screaming "Twin Flame" all over the place. Things no one could plan from before or actually produce in any way. Mysterious and Unbelievable Syncs from the Universe, the Bubble Phase, the Push and Pull dynamics, things I couldn't control even though I was really strong as a person and especially at that time.

But I knew nothing about Twin Flames. Stay with me...

All these terms and ideologies came to me after she left forever to some other country. She told me just before she went away, "We are Twin Flames". At that time on my pain and deep emptiness, I didn't pay attention and I was like "wtf is now that one?". Cause nothing actually mattered after her attitude and constant fooling around and abandonment

So after she left I gained some clarity and I started decoding a lot of her channeled messages that I received during our connection but at that time I couldn't translate it. And I came down to the "Twin Flame" term.
You can't imagine my surprise when I saw the first posts.... A horror show to me.

The one who fuc@#! me over relentlessly was a sort of a really special connection where I was trapped in, with that person keep returning and delivering lessons to me, a person I couldn't be in a romantic relationship with because we came to break the old paradigm and after them, noone can replace them! WHAT A JOY!

You are deep in the Dark Night of The Soul and suddenly you read all of this. And the crazy thing that it was that we experienced EVERYTHING and NOT only! So what I was reading somehow HAD to be true!

I had a Twin Flame. Which now is in some other country. A person which I had all these crazy experiences and yet betrayed me in any possible way. And that Twin Flame is special, and your Twin is your best and all sorts of attachment traps. YES. Go figure it out your self. I introduced my self to communities of people who were attached to people like this... 

People who abandoned their families because they found the One who is 20 years older and after some time the other goes away, replying to no messages, no phone-calls and then they reappear 4 months later or 4 years and all such kind of crap. Yes, a big pile of unethical abusive crap. I couldn't see something Ethical or beautiful there. My most simple human imagination could imagine something better to suit the label "Twin Flame". Don't you think? Clear your mind for a second and think.

Something was fishy here. In all these dynamics the sense of Darkness was immense. Runner and Chaser. First example. The first example of the power struggle of a Narcissist with an Empath who is far more superior in terms of fame and knowledge. Hidden under unbelievable excuses and scenarios but there is always something obviously hidden or distorted in the whole story, even at the first stages. And you are aware of that but your empathy will not allow you to see the "wrong" within this perfect being you just met. You just keep excusing, forgiving, and the cycle never ends.

So after my struggle with the identity of the Twin Flame and after the help of Venus Retrograde 2 years after we met and her reappearance in my life which made me see the clear picture of everything, all took a new turn.

All that time I was gathering information. I was expressing my anger but also my love towards my "Twin Flame" through my blog but also I was studying, expanding and applying my knowledge on Jung, Astrology, Occultism (yes real deep occultism) and slowly made sense.

We have a rare unification of the "Anima and Animus" in a real reincarnated version. The Great Arcanum, the ladder to a higher consciousness which also gave an explanation for the number 33 I had in my experience. It is known as the 33* in Free Masonry because there are 33 vertebrates that the Kundalini energy has to rise up, to get to the crown of the head where you become illuminated with the realization of god force energy that everything and everyone is connected to, in this reality.

Then we have all the rest. The confusion and the extreme lack of clarity were induced by Plutonian energies at the time I met her along with her own blend of Plutonian and Narcissistic characteristics. You see Pluto placements in your chart can turn anyone really loving into a person with complete lack of conscience and ethics when it comes down to their desires and needs. 

And then we have the extreme attachment and longing which happens by two other parameters. The dynamics of a Karmic relationship along with the effects of Stockholm syndrome followed by early mother or father (or both) attachment issues. Yes, that complicated, but at the end of the day, it will make sense to you too.

We have a Karmic partner who comes back to us after all these lifetimes. For a single and only reason. To awaken us to our own authenticity and to be able to see the dark which is hidden around us, not avoiding it though some spiritual "all is well" mambo jumbo. Darkness is there to be embraced as a part of a healthy living creature, but then comes the choice of what we want to project outwards. Love or Fear? To stay or leave? To love or abandon? To support or ignore?

But then again their presence is divine as they deliver lessons and yes more than anyone else BUT is not needed once it becomes Toxic. The reason they become toxic is that you need to learn how to protect your self even from the ones you love so much.

Because YOU love them it doesn't mean they are going to love you back. But Narcissists do that well. They come at times pretending all sweet and honey to get their attention, money, sex or whatever they please to satisfy their needs and then they leave living you there wondering what the hell is going on...
This is how they make you so attached to them. They give a glimpse of what you want to experience and crave so much and then they go to their whereabouts doing their thing, answering no calls, and even cheating, manipulating others behind your back etc.

What was the craziest thing about my experience which made me go after this term is that it was magical indeed, the moments were out of this world, the energies like nothing we ever felt before. So many crazy syncs so many things that didn't make sense. But then again so much confusion and a sense of darkness, a sense of something is going on here...

When we love someone with so much intensity, especially when they have a lot of common characteristics with us, we need to stop and consider "who am I falling in love with"? The first sign of the trap is when you have someone who will imitate you in order to take eventually the power from you by becoming "better" in their own terms, as they recognize a higher level of consciousness in you and they simply CAN'T feel inferior by any means.

This is a natural power struggle which happens not only to you but to them too. It's a very good thing to recognize the nature of their own personal dynamics in accordance with your own vulnerabilities which cause "intrusion points" to prevent further problems in your life. Also is good to recognize that your Twin doesn't have to be your mirror! They will for sure reflect some major issues but most of the effects will come from their own dark side too! Awareness must come to all levels for you to go off that trap easier.

So was this label meant for Twin Flames as the one concept WE have in mind OR for Karmic partners who came to deliver an ignition to a psychosomatic alchemical process which is meant to transform the real LightWorkers to their authentic selves?

Was the Twin Flame label meant for just the process of the Union of Feminine and Masculine within one's energy body? Is your partner just a trigger for you to become complete? Shall you let them go and move on free from any attachments and self-abuse habitual patterns? Are all those articles out there a combination of characteristics of a thought-form entity attack well planned for Lightworkers that are ready to go about their mission?

The whole scenario for me ends up like this. Put your rational mind over your heart. Do you have someone fighting by your side, working through your issues together or someone who completely abandons you with no reason, doing all these crazy sh*ts against you?

Don't just stay attached to terms you 've heard over the Internet. Yes, they have a basis of truth because the dynamics happen, but they do even in Karmic relationships!

Go and Love your Self. That's the ultimate lesson after all. Claim back all the awesomeness you deserve. Instead of focusing on the lack of Love of your so called "Twin Flame", focus on the most amazing moments and create the Life of Your Dreams.

And believe me. If you respect yourself enough, set your priorities high and remain to your original desires and sell no dream of yours, you are going to find the happiness within you and eventually is going to be reflected all around you. And that special one will come as it's supposed to be. The "Twin Flame" ideologies and terms out there are not meant for someone who is going to be your very special one. They are based on a variety of dynamics which represent relationships which carry huge lessons and divine processes but that's all.

And one more thing... The test is there for us NOT to go away from our families and husbands/wives, to NOT betray anyone for the sake of some inner fulfillment which at the end of the day clearly shows that was a trap and was never meant to be. A Path which seeks of "having" is a Path of Ego. A Path of "giving" is a genuine Path of Light. Choose your side. Then represent it. With all the virtues and ethical structure is represented by that side.

And yes I love my own "Twin Flame" or Karmic or whatever you wanna call it. For she made me see the darkness which is there to avoid it and make better and firmer choices next time.

What do you think about it? Do you believe that a real Twin Flame must have a completely different definition or do you believe in their abusive form which creates all those horrible feelings inside?


  1. And now you are ready for your twinflame...;)<3

  2. Omg bro. Your experience is exactly like mine and all your thoughts are the same as mine too. And you are not the only one who sees the things like this. Awesome! Twin flame really is about ourselves. Much love and good stuff further on your journey. Thanks for this!

    1. My pleasure to meet people like you along the path and also my pleasure to offer through my experience my friend :) Love and Light

  3. Dear Alex - i fully agree with you. Luckily there is no Twin Flame incarnated at this time for me. No, am not upset - not at all. Your narration opens the eyes. As you have read a lot of the subject - also i have. Thank you so much for this and God bless you.

    1. God bless you too my friend thanks! :)

  4. Great article! I agree with everything except the test is NOT to go away from family/spouse etc. Sometimes it is done for you through divine will, as in my case. My free will fought the end of my marriage, but it worked out. My ex and I are great friends & I'm advising him on his own awakening and soul (tf if you want to call it) connection.

    Btw was it you one time that posted article about how one "runs" in the physical and the other "chases" and vice versa in nonphysical (as in online communication)?? If so, I've been looking for that article everywhere!

    1. Thanks! For me ethical structure its of highly importance and significance. If anyone is in a decaying marriage or a non working relationship thats a matter that they must resolve completely before moving on to TF or soever. Now many times "divine will" is a chain effect of Karmic debts that we might bring from lifetimes that we don't even remember. Also unconscious parts of our psyche are projected without or conscious awareness into our "reality". So to be able to actually recognize it gets more complicated as long as we are not aware of our deepest unconscious desires, perceptions and defense or avoidance mechanisms. No, I didn't write that article, but I experienced that phenomenon too :) Namaste! Thanks for being here!

  5. Thank you for this wonderful article. I especially appreciate the part of staying with your family despite all the longing. When we listen to our heart we best know what our mission is. Being thankful to have 'met' my TF more than 7 years ago although never physically as we both learned so much from each other and could do lots of healing and still can. Finally, it's all about loving yourself, being your authentic self, forgiving and letting go and above all... serving. Namaste

    1. Indeed, it's all about returning back to our power! Thanks for your kind words! Namaste

  6. i am amazed by how accurate u described ur experience and how much it assembles mine... thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading, glad I could resonate and help!! :)

  7. Thanks, it does resonate. Part of the problem could be that we all want to feel special, so we call it Twin Flames instead of love. Yet another way to divide and conquer. Not sure yet about all the players involved, but it seems there are some dark forces that harvest a lot of energy from the chaos surrounding Twin Flames. And yet the love and Kundalini awakening feels very real and worth a lot of effort. But to keep two feet firmly on the ground whilst moving there takes some work.