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OK. Now It's Time To Talk About Real Twin Flames.

OK. Now It's Time To Talk About Real Twin Flames. 

"We dived deep into our darkness, but when we saw light disguised as darkness, we couldn't see ourselves." -Alex Ftoulis

I would like to talk about Twin Flames. About real, raw, authentic, Twin Flames. This rare, unique and exaggerated in all of its aspects connection (not a relationship of any kind as it exceeds all that we all knew so far). And YES, I am one of the real rare Twins and I am not ashamed to show my pride for that, cause blood was shed in that process.

Let's begin.

I was on a mission. Suddenly out of nowhere, I came up with the idea of creating a place where we could share our knowledge and services to people, especially the young people of our country. I had no intention or what so ever to meet my Twin Flame as I didn't have a clue what was that, neither I was in a mood of any connection as I just left from a toxic relationship which also played role afterwards in me breaking up with my Twin.

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I would not go into details how I met her or what happened but I will talk about what matters the most.

From not wanting to make a connection to falling in love, heart chakra activation through the bubble phase, everything so intense down to the last second, everything so fast, synchronicities went to the roof. Everywhere 22 everywhere 33. I was 33 she was 22. Her house number 22, mine 33. Just endless... Then more numbers popped up. More crazy occurrences and syncs that made no explanation.
We had a plan room dedicated to our business and mission where we planned our seminars but at the same time, we were decoding the sequences of the synchronicities where we discovered a lot of important information regarding the truth of the composition and functions of Reality and also about us individually.

I was the master teacher. She was the master builder. Together we were ONE. But the dynamic was just too strong to handle... Cause for a master teacher to be complete, a master builder must be in place to activate the currents of energies which will bring the desired alchemical psychosomatic transmutation required for the next step into this game of Ascension.

The channeling was out real from both of us to each other. We still can't explain most of what happened. We kept "downloading" a ton of information, and we transferred it to endless pages of notepads day and night, almost literally.

Falling in love was intense. The moments? Simply magical. But it wasn't all honey and fun. All the narcissistic behaviors were there, the running away with no explaining and without no apparent reason, no replying to anything beginning from 1 week and ending up 1 and a half  month where she appeared one day before my birthday to tell me she was leaving for some other country with no reason, no explanation, nothing.

She actually asked me what was the worst thing she could ever do to me one day we had a conversation on unconditional love and she just did it.

No remorse. 
No reason. 
No emotions.
While we were so deep in love.

You see, fears can do a lot of things. BUT it's not your Twin Flame. It's YOU. The Twins are called like this, as they reflect ALL of your insecurities as they know you for lifetimes and lifetimes and they only want you to be free eventually. YES, they also have fears and issues but it's not the blaming game when it comes down to Twin Flames. It's just about the recognition of our own deepest personal issues which some of them are:
  • Escapism-Avoidance
  • Narcissistic Behaviours of any kind
  • Attachments in Relationships
  • Not having safe boundaries
  • Expectations of all kinds that exceed reality and they are out of our power
  • Learning how to Love under any circumstance.
We also knew instantly that we were connected through lifetimes of reincarnations and even with details. We had so many similarities, which still today I can't find to anyone else. This is what makes Twin Flames so addictive. Their connection is so powerful and their harmonizing points just mesmerizing.

It's everything you ever wanted.

But also at the same time, your worst fears are unfolding into the most chaotic and confusing reality you've been through. Your Twin is on a mission to deliver to you the lessons NO MATTER WHAT.

So you have to keep forgiving, listening and keep on moving. 

Twin Flames have a blend of a Soulmate, Karmic and Narcissistic taste and you finally know why? Because all of these attributes reside within you and need a proper balance in order for you to advance and to grow even further.

All these limitations are a nightmare for your Twin in the 5th dimension and they do everything they can in order to break these barriers away, and here in 3D it seems like they are runners, untrustworthy, narcissists,  etc, etc.

So we must never judge them, BUT if things already took a wrong turn just RUN. Because the Narcissistic Mode will be activated and the attacks will transcend in a different whole new level, making this mess a sheer horror movie.

Ok, now let me give you this little info.

HOW THE H@#$ do you think Universe will help you let go of your old egoic patterns which cause your limitations? By sending you an advertising flyer? NO. With the perfect trap which EVERYONE in this world would have fallen for.


The addictive kind of Love which is created mostly by Stockholm Syndrome and a variety of attachment psychological issues. THIS is the attraction point which the Universe uses to attract your Twin Flame. Your need to heal your other half and become complete. So you are mostly attracting wounded people or needy narcissists.

You think I didn't want her or I didn't wish so many times that things didn't turn out like that?
The emotions I felt during our connection both good and bad were out of this world. You are with this person both in Hell and in Heaven, you are connected in every possible way, BUT don't expect to match completely now in this world.

She came back after almost 5 months but her own version of the story I heard it from her after a year from the date she left. And still, most of it didn't make sense. The one I loved so much, just an empty cold hearted person which no one recognized. But you deeply know that this is not her. You know that you are both going through a highly advanced and well-designed process, able to change anyone, rapidly and in an extreme way.

One of this processes was the Dark Night of the Soul. We both went through this but when we were apart and at different countries. A process which left us literally with no smiles, no emotions, emptier than ever before. (READ ABOUT IT HERE) ). This particular process is ignited mostly by the energy dynamics of the "runner phase", a trigger point which ignites the deepest, spiritual but dark process of the DNOTS.

See, real Twin Flames is not about a romantic fairy-tale, but a shocking, extreme, out worldly experience that shakes you, scares you, reveals all of your wounds and when is finished you can't hate your Twin as you realize their extreme significance in your Path and Evolvement to your higher, better version of you.

How was your own experience? Is your Twin Flame still by your side or are you on different missions? Did you get the lesson, advanced and moved on? Let me know in the comments bellow.


  1. To be honest, I saw these things even before I red the article. I had an experience with a twin flame. I forgave a lot, I changed attitudes, I did my best to be my best but eventually I remained with the lessons, while he declared war to me.

    I don't care, I feel like I'm perfect personality right now, because I', complete! I'm good and bad, smart and stupid, loving and malephic, etc.

    I had the experience of my life to be honest, I don't regrete it now, at all. I made my represed parts of personality to became alive, I realised my depression and anxiety it's justin my head, I realised I made so many friends that I will still see, evben if, not with him.

    This opened the door to my new perceptions, to my new skills, to my new attitudes towards me and literally anything in this life. I changed myself into something much, much better!

    I don't even hate him, I want to thank him! Because if it wasn't for him, I was lost now...

    I realised I am Love. Unconditional Love.

    1. YES! Thank him and always value yourself more than anything cause YOU are the only thing you have!! Love you are! :) Celebrate Life!!

  2. Lol @ 5 months. Must have been tough

  3. My experience, I met my soulmate, he was the narcissist, we are divorced now, I still love him, our connection was so strong, he was myself, my mirror, but sooner or later the narcissist drops the mask. Did I go through hell, he almost annihilated me. A year later I met my twin flame, my savior, yes he surely has displayed narcissist behavior, but nothing like my soulmate, your twin would get those traits stirred, but they are not as evil as someone who is not meant to be with you. My twin and I have hurt each other but there has been lines we havent crossed, I do think that twin flames faces constant challenges and watch out because once reunited, many get their lives get turned upside-down, but your twin is there eventually to help you, to drag you out of the mud, to lift you, because your character will be tested, your integrity and the lessons are hard. A twin flame feels like a prize, like a lollipop to a kid who just went to the dentist. So if you think that strong connection you feel is your twin, but he or she is raging with narcissism, and is cold and detached, that is not unconditional love. Your twin can not, and will not leave you suffering for too long. Twin flame feels like divine love, like the unconditional love angels can feel.

    1. Very nice explaining and true! Though sometimes according to our own stubbornness our Twin might show more Karmic behaviors just to help us change! Namaste!

  4. Still learning to heal myself.My soul invented a spiritual teacher who used me for years, so I was still fragmented as a soul 6 years after being with her. So, I had my proper real soul retrieval and entity removal 5 months ago. Still working out who I am and how to activate my own life. Would be nice to be in a relationship with a clean slate soul, yet I fear it perhaps. So my growth is slow as not in any relationship. In fact, the friendships I had a few months ago all gone. Everyone has a unique story, perhaps. For me, I want to go the Sufi path, so I stop obsessing over twin flame, start becoming more in faith with Creator and sort my life out. Some of us thought we'd clear everything in this lifetime. Trust me, don't do it! Chances of success are only half, and A LOT of precious time has been wasted.

    And through that, we are humble, grateful and pick ourselves up once more.

    All the old archetypes are also being demolished, so you are a twin flame, yet that might be it.

    When you look at the person who disgusts you the most (there are a few) and you can feel compassion and neutrality, you have succeeded in a huge learning.

    In my case, that would probably ly be me looking at myself ;-)

    Peace xx

    1. Wow nice said and I am glad you reclaimed your self and soul! Becoming more connected with YOU and the Creator is the ultimate purpose as the door to love comes through God and us, but only when we are clean enough to accept it without expectations, desires and assumptions. Unconditional love its a tricky thing after all! Love and Light!! xxx

  5. I met my Twin through a bizarre set of circumstances through advocacy work. Fell deeply in love, then he annihilated me, shattered my heart into a million pieces and kicked me to the curb. I went through sheer hell to heal many inner issues and mend my broken heart, while forgiving him and releasing him in the process. Then he came back around and I accepted him back into my heart, although it seems there is scar tissue in my heart from it being shattered.
    Now we are in the process of moving mountains in order to be together. But he has many things in his life that needs to heal. Regardless if he heals or not, I love him unconditionally. We were in more than 11 previous lives together and I believe we will always be together.

    1. Save your self my friend, these are Karmic circles and your heart didn't deserve any of this. All of those stories must stop, happiness based in a moral and ethical structure is what you only need to have! Read this http://bit.ly/2weC0ic

  6. This was when I still understood and existed only in 3D.

    I was just ended a 10 year long relationship with my boy friend turned husband and had sworn off men. Then out of no where, I met this guy at work and there was an instant attraction which I avoided as he was married (more like running away from the marriage), we became friends naturally and the first time we went to grab a bite, we were on fire. And, as much as I was guilt ridden, it felt like there was such an intense magnetic pull. He was a narcissist, a master manipulater and he knew he had me trapped. Though he was running from his marriage, his wife and spent all his time with me, I was very guilt ridden and ended the relationship in 3 months. After a few months, he showed up at my doorstep uncalled and in that moment of weakness I gave in but swore never to see him again ever. As life would have it, in a few weeks I was pregnant and I shared the news with him. He coldly rejected me and his child and walked out on me. I got an abortion, went into acute depression and suicidal phase for a few months, which was my dark night of the soul experience and then my soul awakened and I experienced oneness with the universe.

    I never saw him or spoke to him after he walked out on me and I feel I will never see him ever in this lifetime. I came to know of all these terms as dark night of the soul, twin flame, soul mate relationships only after my awakening. So, I don't know for sure if he was my Twin Flame who had incarnated in this lifetime to awaken me and maybe we will physically unite in another life time or he was a soulmate relationship and I am yet to meet my twin flame. The more I think about this Twin Flame concept, the more confused I get with regards to my experience, so I just don't chase any labels.

    Please share if you have any thoughts on this. Thank you.

    1. Read this >>>> http://bit.ly/2weC0ic

      And simply recognize your OWN actions, thoughts, self abuse and all the wrong things you did because of someone else... Its in our hands always. Save your self. Come to Light. Recognize your actions. Take responsibility, forgive yourself forgive others, pay any Karmic leftovers and move ahead. Dont look back and become a new YOU. Namaste

  7. Here is something I never thought I would say...i found my twin or he found me, i wasn't buying it at first but all the signs were there, we were both black sheep of our families, and our first meet was at a children's home when i was 13 and he was 14 respectively, we formed a bond and he never forgot me...interesting note we are almost exactly 1 year apart in age and both Gemini (twin flame sign) life goes on and some of the things that i put out in the universe as far as a partner (you see I was alone for many years and not looking for any type of relationship) mostly because of where i lived which was in florida...i knew in my heart after 35 years of living in florida, my partner was going to be in the northeast when I did find him, sure enough out of the blew someone contacts me on FB its him I had forgotten alot of things back then, my life was very difficult and so much stuff got buried...anyway he's from connecticut...after we made contact again everyday there were signs from the universe, they were impossible to ignore, my whole life changed after that initial contact...here I am now in connecticut its hard work this relationship. There are days my desire to leave is very strong but i dont or cant or wont thank goodness my partner has infinite patience and a huge heart...so I am the one with alot of lessons to learn...to be continued

    1. My latest article explains about all these confusing syncs, dynamics etc and it will bring clarity to every "Twin's" experience! Read it!

  8. I met my Twin 8 years ago, she ran from me 3 times, shattered my heart I had no idea why I kept allowing her back. I had no idea she was my twin as I had never heard of the concept until recently. Such a magnetic pull... a connection I cannot explain in words. She's back in my life and fighting for me after I ran. It is still no walk in the park, the lessons I am still learning are earth shattering... As if my entire being is currently being re-wired. Hers also... It scares us both immensely, but this time we are running toward each other. Each heart break before her allowed me to grow and mature in order to handle her and surrender completely. Even after learning about the Twin Flame relationship I did not believe it was in this life for me... Until she side-swiped me completely and made me believe in the intensity of the connection and unconditional love.

    1. Keep following my articles and you are slowly going to come to your own truth. I ve been there and I will help you make the best out of it! But you did already actually :)