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You Want Extra Cash? Try This Ancient Egyptian Money Spell

Money problems is one of the major reason for the ever growing stress, which it brings to one’s life, and due to stress health suffers, hence if any of you are suffering from a money related problem and do not see a way out of it, then you should look for help with Egyptian money spells, yes I just mentioned Egyptian money spells and there is a specific reason behind mentioning the same. Well, I would explain it in more detail.

Egyptian money spells are designed and performed to give you relief from the stress that builds up due to money related problems, in addition, these spells are also performed to get you more money and income from different kind of sources and since Egyptian love spells are a form of white magic spells hence it would give out only desired results and no harmful effects would be caused to anyone.

Now I must tell you how an Egyptian money spell is cast, we all should know this for one reason, which informs us that to cast Egyptian money spells one has to do a lot of rituals, yes, there is a specific set of ritual to be performed before a money spell can be cast and this is to make sure that the spell gives favorable results only.


The very first thing you need is a black candle, yes black color is the sign of wealth and prosperity in ancient Egypt hence you would need a black color candle, then what you need are some flavored incense sticks or cones or granules and these flavors would be that of frankincense and myrrh since they both were considered auspicious and it was even believed that frankincense was the tear of the god RA.


To perform the magic spell you must have to decide a time, though three different times, the dawn, the dusk and the midnight is considered auspicious in Egyptian magic, most preferred is the midnight time and that too a night with a full moon or new moon. Once you have all these items and the right time chosen to cast the spell, then you need to visit the sanctuary or the temple first and offer, food, grains, flowers, and incense to the god of wealth, then offer beer, (do not get shocked I just said beer) because it was one of the main drinks consumed in ancient Egypt. Once all the offerings are made to please the god of wealth, (keep in mind that the person who goes to offer the offerings should also be cleaned, taken bath and shaved properly) then the person can cast the spell. Below is a sample spell that was used to begin an Egyptian money spell and then modification or addition and subtractions were made as per the need.

“Abukunamus bulumitalus

Anukusukha anukusumanu

Abilemata bolomerius.”

You will see that the spells do not rhyme with each other as you might find in spells cast using other rituals, but the fact is ancient Egyptians believed in the power of words itself and did not considered whether the spells cast are rhyming or not.

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