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5 Crucial Things to Do When You Meet Your Twin Flame

  Everyone eager to meet their other half, fell in love, live their dream life. Especially after they heard all these magical stories of Twin Flames and their fairy-tale like essence. 

  And it might happen to be one of those really rare occasions and you finally have met your own Twin Flame. ( I don't know if I would personally wish you that actually!)

 So... what you do you need to know and what you need to change to make this relationship more functional?

1) Don't label the relationship!

  It's of high importance to understand that labeling anything, and especially relationships, will create a pattern of certain beliefs which will distort the natural flow of things, bringing unnecessary and unwanted outcomes.

  By labeling the relationship, even if you strongly believe that the one you just met is someone special, especially in the case of Twin Flames, you will start having certain expectations, which if they are not met, they will bring even more confusion and distress.

  Let it be whatever it is. Everything has a certain reason for existing in our lives and paths. You only need to enjoy and be in the moment and also be grateful for the existence of that person in your life.

2) Be extremely patient.

  Twin Flames are not for the faint of heart that's for sure. It's a process of transformation for both, in ways only few can bare. Your Twin Flame is the reflection of each and every issue you need to see and get rid off, they are teachers who they will point in EVERY possible way anything that needs to be changed in order for both to return back to their mission, stronger and wiser than ever before.

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You should never be influenced by your Twin Flame behavior and attitude, as this is NOT their choice to reflect it back to you. Actually, that was your own choice in order to elevate into higher levels of consciousness, getting rid of every possible limitation, which exists within your psyche and energy field.

  The process is a roller-coaster of emotions, experiences, thrilling and devastating moments which they will compose your Twin Flame journey... so.... be patient!

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3) Stay out of reasoning.

  Well... the most frustrating aspect of those divine relationships is that they don't make any sense at all. They first appear as lessons, they turn into romance (due to the need of one from both), they grow into something spectacular, then they vanish, all is suddenly lost and then here we go again! 

  One moment they love you like nothing else in this world, from the other side they act like they don't even freaking know who you are! And it feels like they fool you, they want to play with you, then it changes again. Looks like narcissistic behavior which it might be but because is nothing but inside of you, in subtle ways perhaps but the sure thing is that your Twin Flame is nothing but a true genuine reflection of yours in every way.

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So don't try to rationalize everything as this is a process of a highly advanced alchemical “union”, it's not meant to be understood rather than felt in its full potential, in order to bring its fruits.

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4) Don't get attached.

  The most difficult part is not to get attached, as the energy of your Twin Flame is something you never experienced before that's for sure. And hell yeah its addictive like nothing else. Everything on them screams I was with you all of our lives. Each cell of your body vibrates in a new frequency which says “this is home”...

  All you ever wanted suddenly becomes a reality (well not everything but the energy is so intense which covers everything else) so knowing that you should not get attached it's sooo ironic and hell yes you are right, how such an amazing connection must have all these parameters and details?

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  Well, it's a necessity to see your Twin Flame as your long lost friend who came to save your ass for one more time and remind you of your purpose and mission in this world. It's a MUST to just let them be and act in their own way without expectations and of course without taking their own freedom. It's essential to make your TF feel free by any mean necessary, this will help them feel secure and also it will help you learn how to be in a relationship with unconditional love, NOT like we used to do in the old paradigm.

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5) And finally... just listen carefully...

  Each and every word your Twin Flame will ever tell you it's of an immense importance for the safe and secure unfolding of your own personal path and mission. They will channel the sh*t out of information like machines, Twin Flames are smart, fast and edgy beyond comprehension.

  They will take notes in notebooks for hours, they will show you pictures, they will tell you stories, they will talk about articles they have read, they will talk to you for hours and even sometimes nothing will make sense but LISTEN carefully and even take notes, I still read her notes and I discover more and more things about me and the interaction of my psyche into the Matrix.

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What doesn't make sense to your right now it will for sure make in the future, so be patient, love and accept your Twin Flame as they are, with their flaws and issues and don't try to change anything as you will never succeed, instead the focus must be within you and your own issues and flaws.

  So if by any chance you are one of those super lucky people to have met your Twin, please make sure you are not going to hurt them with your assumptions and expectations. Cause one thing is for sure. They don't match with whatever you learned so far and they will confuse the hell out of your mind. If you found your long lost lover, be kind with them. You are their treasure (like she used to tell me) and they are yours, a one of a kind relationship that has the potential to elevate your life to new levels.


  1. Well said, and beautifully written; true to the core. Thank you, a DF currently in separation

    1. Thanks stay strong! Reclaim your power! Namaste