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How to Move On After A Twin (or False Twin) Flame Experience

Twin Flames - Laughing Socrates Blogspot

  Just hours before 2016 comes to an end. Eventually. As it was 2015. 2 years full of unbelievable stories and extreme transformation alike no other. Lessons that pushed us so far  but first they made sure that will drag us down to hell.
  Well... what a journey that was... Not for the faint of heart for sure. At least from my part. I guess I am not you and you are not me but at the same time we are one and the same, strange huh? But I wouldn't wish my life to anyone. At least the alchemical part of that process.

  "The part where chaos and horror is needed for the ultimate change. The part where the Universe just unleashes all of its tools to destroy any remnants of your old self." 

  With accidents, financial chaos, karmic relationships, a twin flame that appeared out of nowhere, circles of unwanted situations that seem to never end, problems that lack solution.
  The Universe screams "surrender" but you are only staring everything you loved Twin Flames - Laughing Socrates Blogspotthe most vanishing before your eyes. Each dream you had, the most beautiful that turns into a living nightmare and you are called to pass the dark night of the soul too, as all these years of abuse and mistreat weren't enough. And it's not just "a night..".
  And it's not just depression. It's a mechanism that leads to psychosis and even suicide. It's created to destroy Ego and ignite Zodiac Reprogramming. NOT for anyone. You don't even wish this on your worst enemy.
  A process designed to boost a change in the DNA infrastructure and bring overall change each cell's frequency.
Twin Flames - Laughing Socrates Blogspot  A whole of mambo jumbo when you literally feel dead while you try to feel something by hugging yourself in the corner of your room screaming and begging for this to stop. Fancy for this Universe tricks hey?  You think rainbows come after rain? No. They come ONLY after hurricanes and thunderstorms my beloved one. They come only after you dropped your last drop of blood on the ground, they come to show off your efforts and consistency after you surrender your whole being back to the hands of the Creators.
  So I made a choice this time. To recognize who I truly am and value the efforts I've put so far to keep my dignity and move on along this Path, not alone but with all the other Warriors who shed blood in the name of this Holy change, we look after. I made the choice to recognize and value the sacrifices I did and claim the reality I deserve.
  A reality without self-victimization, a reality that does not manifest neediness, a world without excuses and delays, a reality full of health, Twin Flames - Laughing Socrates Blogspotwealth, full of amazing relationships made out  of mutual understanding and respect, a world where love and excitement thrives, a world made out of high achievers and dreamers with Higher visions.
  And for that, I would like to thank you Universe. I would love to thank all of the people who agreed to fu*k up my Ego with their's, all these beautiful teachers with their imperfections pushed me to seek after completion and perfection and to recognize my faults and mistakes and change myself.
  But thanks, I won't have any more of this.
  That was a lesson and that lesson goes to the Light along with every element. We attracted enough of this BS all of our lives.
  It's time to learn the lesson and try to focus and keep our focus only on how grateful we are for everything we already have and for the blessings that are already on their way!  Learn how to keep our frequencies and vibrations high by living each moment fully, by living consciously and in harmony with all the beings around us, by treating ourselves with love and kindness, by meditating, by believing in the most awesome and that we DESERVE ALL that is good and beautiful!

Twin Flames - Laughing Socrates Blogspot

  So lets go of everything that belongs to the old self and lets embrace the new Self with the new life and the new choices. After all, did you do what you had to do? If yes then believe in the power of your efforts and the righteousness of the Law.

Nothing goes waste.


Twin Flames - Laughing Socrates Blogspot
(in the pic Alex Ftoulis @ Limassol, Cyprus 2017)

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