Where Twin Flames & Wizards hang around.

The "Ramanti" - Twin Flame Meditation

This is NOT just another meditation.
    This is one of the most advanced meditation and visualization tools created based on the occult knowledge in a combination with the quantum mechanic aspect of energy reasoning and manipulation. 
  • Is there confusion & unnecessary turmoil in your Twin Flame bond? 
  • Do you seek Union or letting go & healing?
  • Have you been struggling all of your life for financial security & stability? 
  • Do you want to manifest your dreams effectively?
If YES, then your next step forward is to take action!

The "Ramanti" meditation...
  • Increases your energy vibration plus... 
  • Clearer more vivid visualizations = Faster manifestations 
  • Cures & prevents a variety of health issues 
  • Unlocks & activates strands of the inactive DNA 
  • Develops further your intuition, perception & levels of awareness 
  • Increases your will & your ability to complete big goals 
  • Energizes throat chakra – fantastic personal & social relationships 
  • Lose & maintain proper weight - Increases metabolic rate & body heat 
  • Immediate relief from tension & depression - Cure for DNOTS

What's included:

-1 hour - Guided Meditation Audio by coach Alex Ftoulis
-PDF with 3D illustrations  & instructions for each step.

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Sneak preview of what's featured inside: 

-3D illustrations in a "how to" guide and a variety of "mudras",

-the spinning Merkaba (connection point of Twin Flames) and...

-the "beaming flower of life" technique .

click here to listen to a snippet from the 1 hour audio file:

Make the next move towards the manifestation of your dreams.

Open the file using WinRar or similar program for compressed files.
*NOT suitable for pregnant women or people with psychological disorders.

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