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The "Ramanti" - Twin Flame Meditation

-Is there confusion and unnecessary turmoil in your Twin Flame bond? Do you seek Union or letting go and healing?

-Have you been struggling all of your life for financial security and stability

-Do you want to manifest your dreams effectively?

Get one of the most advanced meditation and visualization tools created based on the occult knowledge of energy reasoning and manipulation.  

"The Ramanti meditation is a modern psychosomatic alchemical exercise based on the interaction of the main Chakra points with sacred geometrical patterns and frequencies and has enormous effects when performed correctly." A.F

  • Increases your energy vibration plus...
  • Clearer more vivid visualizations = Faster manifestations
  • Cures and prevents a variety of health issues 
  • Unlocks and activates strands of the inactive DNA 
  • Develops further your intuition, perception and levels of awareness 
  • Increases your will and your ability to complete big goals 
  • Activates throat chakra – better personal and social relationships 
  • Lose and maintain proper weight - Increases metabolic rate and body heat 
  • Immediate relief from tension and depression - Cure for DNOTS

It includes:

-1 hour - Guided Meditation Audio MP3
-3D PDF illustration and manual with detailed steps and pictures to guide you in detail to make your journey effortless. 
Open the file using WinRar or similar program for compressed files.

Sneak preview of what's featured inside: 

-3D illustrations in a "how to" guide and a variety of "mudras",

-the spinning Merkaba (connection point of Twin Flames) and...

-the "beaming flower of life" technique .

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*NOT suitable for pregnant women or people with psychological disorders.

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