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Just Let Them Go... Releasing your Twin Flame

Yes it hurts... 
It hurts so much that makes it impossible even to function... 
Your thoughts are trapped inside them, every sound,
every image, anything reminds you of them. 
Stop expecting, stop waiting for the confusion to go away. 
You are the one you need to go away and take the time to find yourself

>>>The Cure for the Dark Night of the Soul<<<
You are the one who is going to love you, not someone else. 
Your Twin Flame appeared in your life to remove the old egoic 
model of love and relationships neither you like it or not...
Don't worry! Unconditional love is more balanced and it 
comes with ease and trust as is NO expectation there. 
Your Twin Flame loves you but you need to love yourself 
and let them go so they can find themselves too!

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