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Are You A Twin Flame ? Remind Your Self Of This

Are You A Twin Flame ? Remind Your Self Of This

Are you a Real Twin Flame or someone Empathetic who is in a Karmic Relationship? Do you believe you are here for a higher purpose? Then this is for you.

A friendly quick reminder to all the Twin Flames out there.

Your purpose here is not to run after someone abusive or someone you think that by any mean necessary must be yours. 
Your purpose here is not to spend hours looking for ways to reunite and find answers to why they constantly abandoning you. 

You purpose here is to pick up your pieces, stand up strong, thank the "Twin Flame", the Karmic partner, the whoever shocked your reality with some "go and love your self" and "respect your boundaries" slaps, let them go and FOLLOW YOUR MISSION. 

Why the h@ll you think this is Divine?

 Why do you keep the human limitations intruding your reality? 

You are a Warrior of Light who came here to change and elevate the consciousness of the whole planet NOT to be a weakling addicted to human decayed relationships. You deserve a lot better of what you allowed so far in your life. 

Go about your mission, make your tribe proud with your example, lead the Path, don't be attached to anything other than your single solid purpose. 

To be Light and Share Light. 

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