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Spells101: How To Turn Invisible By The Three Sisters Of Fairy - DO NOT ATTEMPT

Before Keep on Reading: No matter if you believe or not, the spells I am posting on Laughing Socrates must only be used for educational reasons only. I personally advice you to only learn and expand your knowledge only.

Begin the spell by being away from people for nine days, preferably on even ground and not in a loft. Make sure all of your clothing is clean and sweet. Using a candle of virgin way, light a fire of charcoal in the center of the chamber you are occupying. Then take clean water from a stream running eastward and set it upon the fire. Wash yourself with that water while holding the candle in your right hand while walking around the fire three times clockwise and saying : “Panthon, Craton, Muriton, Bisecognaton, Siston, Diaton, Maton, Tetragrammation, Agla, Agarion, Tegra, Pentessaron, and Tendicata (note, these are all names of power: in other words the names of angels and Yahweh-God). End the ceremonial washing with the following names and benediction: “Sorthie, Sorthia, Sorthios, Milia, Achilia, Sibylia,. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Amen.”

Continue by conjuring the three fairy sisters:

“I conjure you three sisters of the fairies, Milia, Achilia, Sibylia, by the Father, by the Son, and by the Holy Ghost and by their virtues and powers by the most merciful and loving God, that will command his angel to blow the trumpet at the day of judgment. He shall say ‘Come, come to judgment’ and I conjure thee in the names of all the angels, archangels, thrones, dominations, principles, rulers, virtues, cherubim and seraphim and by their virtues and powers. I conjure you three sisters by the virtue of all the real words I have said. I charge you that you do appear before me visible and in the form and shape of fair women in white vestements, and to bring with you to me the ring of invisibility. By which I might go invisible at my will and pleasure and in all hours and minutes. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Once they have appeared bind the sisters by saying:

“O blessed virgins Milia and Achilia I conjure you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost by their virtues I charge you to depart from me in peace, for a time. And Sibylia, I conjure you by the virtue of our Lord Jesus Christ and by the virtue of his flesh and precious blood that he took of our Lady the Blessed Virgin and by all the holy companies of heaven. I charge thee Sibylia by all the virtues said, that you shall be obedient unto me, in the name of God, and that you shall appear no matter the time or place I call to you. Be ready to come to me at all hours and all minutes and to bring unto me the ring of invisibilitie, whereby I may go invisible at my will and pleasure. Let it be done, Amen.”

If they don’t come the first night repeat the spell until they do come. For doubtless, they will come and lie in your bed. Lay your right hand out of the bed and sleep with a silken kerchief around your hand, and when the fairies appear be not afraid. For the three of them will come to you, fair and pleasant and all in white clothing and one of them will put a ring upon your finger, which will make you invisible. When they appear go with speed and bind them using the bonding spell included above. With the ring upon your finger, look upon a mirror and you will not see yourself. And when you wish to turn invisible slip the ring onto the finger they put it upon, and every new moon renew the ring again. For after the first time you perform this spell you will ever have this ring.

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(I don’t ever recommend calling to a spirit, angel, or fairy that one would feel the need to bind. Fairies, like the ones being called to in this ritual, are sentient beings, and just like we don’t like to be commanded to do things, the fey don’t either. With a little bit of adaptation this is a spell that might actually work, though I’d be surprised if they ladies involved brought the conjurer an actual ring.)

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