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The Miraculous Powers of... Walking! 20 Minute Transformation

Sedentary and lazy lifestyle and lack of physical activity can not only weaken our bodies but also lead to serious health issues.

Nevertheless, there is a solution even for those who hate exercising or are extremely busy every day.

A 20-minute simple form of walking can provide drastic effects that will support your overall health. You really shouldn't find an excuse to avoid it. Instead, you should find a way to add it to your everyday routine.

It has been proved by researchers from universities around the world as well as from the Regional Center for Cancer Prevention, that only 20-minute walking per day can be extremely beneficial for your health and body.

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One of these studies, which included people older than 60 years old, was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. The participants had to exercise only 15 to 20 minutes every day, and this reduced their risk of death by 22%, compared to participants who did not exercise at all.

According to this and many others studies as well as many doctors' recommendations, we all need to do at least 15 to 20 minutes of moderate exercising per day.

The benefits of walking are countless, including the following:
  • it protects from diabetes
  • it helps weight loss
  • it raises the levels of vitamin D
  • it relieves pain
  • it can prevent colon cancer, breast cancer as well as lung cancer
  • it supports heart health
  • it boosts mood
Why not give it a try? It will make you feel better with not much effort. You just need 20 minutes off your day!

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Tip: It's better to walk in the morning after you wake up. Even if you have to wake up and go straight to work, it's still worth it to wake up a little earlier. It will make your day - and your life - better!

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