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The Real Twin Flame Alchemy

Twin Flames - Laughing Socrates Blogspot - Alex Ftoulis
I've undergone alchemical changes on my own and as it was hard at the time, it is nothing like undergoing this process with another person with the same soul as you...forever entwined, always seeing the same messages, always having the syncs, always feeling and thinking of this other one. It's hell. But at some point we have to accept being in this hell. This chemical wedding that has us buried in separate graves next to each other. There comes a time when you realize you have to pull out for your own sanity, you have to keep moving into radiance for your own health's sake and those around you watching you suffer and diminish your light day by day by day and countless sleepless nights....

No, this is not for the faint of heart, twin flames is always alchemy, it's always a process, it's nothing to go looking for unless you are made to suffer, unless you are strong enough to be pulled apart by wild horses daily and in your sleep.

Dreams that haunt you, memories that haunt you, an ocean of overwhelming and exhausting synchronicity...All these things that ride you into the depths of the abyss, wearing your soul thin, tearing apart your every cell and mind, body and spirit left for dead once we are able to surrender...Dead, to be reborn, only to die again, countless deaths onto yourself.

The burning of our ego, the scorching of our tainted souls and spirits to burn them white again. No, this is something else entirely. I have the utmost compassion for real twin flames undergoing this process.

You've died a thousand times only to be reborn in the fire once more. You try to set yourself free, to move on and in cycles and spirals it's ok and at times even blissful, then it spirals back down into the abyss and your reserved spot in hell with your name on a sign. You have no idea when it will end, you have no idea how much it will take, there is nothing to go by and nobody to lead you through it...You are pioneering.

Without acceptance, allowance and a total surrender to the process you will suffer endlessly more than necessary. Without trust and peace of mind this journey will seek to destroy you, and trust me it will...Sometimes we cannot be lovers, sometimes we cannot even be friends, yet we remain interconnected in all energy bodies and throughout all dimensions, space and time, the attachment wearing your soul so thin you don't remember where you end and they begin.

The connection slapping you left and right reminding you of what can only be felt and described as having failed your soul's purpose, your soul bride or soul groom. This chemical wedding is anything but loving.
No, this is not divine love only, it's alchemy, it's heaven and hell, digging at your spirit and soul until there is nothing left but spiritual gold. The most painful thing is to see the pain in this other you and not be able to do anything about it. Staying with them is painful, leaving them even more painful. Unless we get accustomed to pain there's a slight chance you may even go insane.

Strung out in heaven and hell, bridging the above and below, the within and without, the soul and the universe, stretched so thin you become transparent. Painfully seen by all who come witness.

Lay down your sword and your shield, this is battle does not require your weapons, this battle is one of heart and mind and if you don't silence your mind and listen to your heart,
you will have to come back again and again and start over until there is nothing left, but a heart of gold.

Separated for the purpose of purification, which can be done consciously, in mind, body and spirit. But it takes some effort and it takes some determination and it takes some knowledge and wisdom, but most of all it takes presence and compassion, to yourself, the alchemy twin and the ones following behind you... If piercing presence and divine compassion is not found, you will remain lost until it is found....

(this article was found on the net - credits to Twin Flame Energy Healing group)

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