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The Waiting of a Twin Flame Male Chaser - The King Looks For His Queen

Twin Flames - Laughing Socrates Blogspot - Alex Ftoulis

"I don't mind spending every day
Out on your corner in the pouring rain
Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
And she will be loved..."

The words from a song that resonate with the way a Warrior loves, a wounded healer (C.Jung) a man with a body full of wounds due to the fights he gave, a broken bleeding King, a persona that rose through a forgotten fairy-tale, known only to few.

A man with a half-hidden smile on his face, a man with so much to tell but having no-one to believe in his stories, a man with a real broken heart that shares with everyone.
  But he kept only one small space intact, a small place that he kept clean and protected with so much care all of those years, for one special person. For his Queen. For those eyes... Those 2 beautiful broken eyes, he gave a vow upon to protect with so much vigor and royalty. In her eyes is his world. Is his Twin Flames - Laughing Socrates Blogspot - Alex Ftoulisfamily, a family that is not of this world. She recognized him immediately even if she is confused so much, as the familiarity and the energies are beyond of this world, unbearable as they are so magical to handle or believe too.

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  And she is scared. Scared if that is real. All that love, all that magic, all that care and beauty doesn't seem real. But she forgot. She forgot that reality is not our thing. Is something we have to deal since our birth. Is something that confused the King for so many years. Is the reason that her King is wounded and bleeding. That human reality...
Twin Flames - Laughing Socrates Blogspot - Alex Ftoulis  She also forgot that fear is illusionary too. She forgot that we were always fighting in the name of Love. Where we come from there is not such a thing as fear or ego. And she runs away... She runs so fast, she closed her eyes, her ears, and her heart and she kept running away. But she forgot one more thing... The Kings' heart. That strong yet broken full of wounds golden heart is on her hands. That heart gave the final fight for her, gave the last of its magnificent essence and beauty to her, his princess, his Queen. She found him broken and she did her best to heal him, just to go away at the end. But that was part of the plan too. Cause Kings are forged by steel and fire. They are not getting better with hugs and kisses only, that's the irony.

Twin Flames - Laughing Socrates Blogspot - Alex Ftoulis

In fire we are born, in hell we rose and in the name of the cruelest Universal alchemical processes we are getting healed.

We ain't the ordinary. 

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We are rare, like the rarest diamonds and we deserve the title, we deserve the vigor and the royalty and the ultimate respect as there is blood all over the place, a blood shed by the innocents of this world, the blood of the pioneers, the prophets, the leaders of this Earth. Twin Flames - Laughing Socrates Blogspot - Alex Ftoulis

  And this blood is shed for the sake of humans, for the sake of their development and progress. For the sake of old forgotten magic that holds the substratum of the Universe, magic known only to few.
  A bunch of us are different. Cause some of us we still carry a code lost long ago. Cause some of us have nothing to do with this world.  We came here to bring the old lost moral and ethical structure back and we are going to do it with every way possible. All that blood, all those millennia, speaks and claims. It claims the efforts and the sacrifices of all those light-workers and prophets that gave their lives in the name of the human evolution.
Twin Flames - Laughing Socrates Blogspot - Alex Ftoulis  And all those stories that accompany a King have their own vibe. Cause as I stand on the edge of the pier every night and I stare at the ocean, my eyes have so much to tell and only few can listen for real. As I stand here, the whole world lingers under my feet, the unseen dances around with all of its magic, but unfortunately, the human eyes don't see. 
  But those King's eyes see... And they are waiting, waiting for his Queen. Waiting for the one that never returns... The one that got away. Because of the human imposed fears. I know it's not your fault my Love. I see you. With those eyes. Those eyes that have so much to tell...
  Hold on darl, nothing is finished yet. This is our war now. And we are now claiming our power back, this is our time to rule. One Love to Rule them All.

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