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The Power of Asking for What you Want

“You create your opportunities by asking for them.” ~ Shakti Gawain

There is a power inside you that is beyond anything that you have yet imagined. You have the ability to manifest anything that you want with pure joy and effortless ease. There are no real limits on what you can create into your life. You are unlimited, unbounded, pure potential energy. You can consciously attract any experience you want at any time. When you are super specific about what you want, and ask from a surrendered place that is free from lack, you are one step closer to becoming a manifesting master. The energy behind making requests (instead of wishes, hopes or demands) is much more powerful in that it requires you to be humble, realistic and grounded about who you are and what you honestly want in your life. This deeper honesty allows the Universal intelligence that surrounds and penetrates you to truly hear your request and thus assist you in manifesting it!

One of the main ingredients in consciously manifesting your dreams and desires is knowing how to ask for what you want. When you ask in a firm clear receptive way, it’s as if you are throwing a powerful magnetic boomerang into the Universe that will soon return with your desired outcome. You want to throw out a super specific request into the Universe, yet not be attached to how it comes back to you. This shows that you are clear and sincere about letting go of wanting/needing your desire, and surrendered to receiving the highest possible outcome. By releasing your attachment to how your desire shows up for you, it naturally starts the manifestation process. It’s like the moment you actually throw and let go of this boomerang, you know that even if you close your eyes it will be flying back to you very soon!

“When it is said to you, ‘Ask, and it is given,’ there is no more powerful statement that is at the basis of what makes things happen.” ~ Abraham Hicks

By using your physical voice to ask the Universe to help you manifest your desired outcome, you’ll find that you also start to clarify your intention. When you say anything out loud, your body begins to discover its natural alignment with the your desired outcome. The energy and vibration of what you say out loud forms a feeling in the body which acts like a “radio signal” broadcasting your frequency into the cosmos. For example, if you ask the Universe out loud to purchase and drive your new car down the road with one hand on the wheel and your hair blowing in the air, the feeling of that request sinks deeply into the Universal subconscious mind, as your body begins to FEEL what it is like to drive off in your new vehicle. These feelings create powerful chemicals in your body which form a deeper commitment level to manifesting your dream. When the scattered busy mind can hold its focus in a one pointed direction, it informs the Universe where to direct new energy which initiates the final manifestation!

“Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.” ~Benjamin Disraeli

Words are very very powerful. Be very aware of what names and labels you call yourself. It can make the difference in manifesting what you want, or what you don’t want. Each word you speak possesses its own unique vibration which is felt inside your body the instant it is said. When you state something out loud, you are in essence proclaiming who you are (or who you will become) to the entire Universe. You are no longer hiding in your own private Universe of thoughts. Verbalizing your thoughts makes you go beyond the world of separation and create a deeper commitment to yourself. The spoken word is perhaps the most visceral technique for affirming something into the physical world. It engages the senses, it activates the mind fully and opens all the energy centers in your body.

Most manifestation experts will agree that intention is the root of all success and failure in the world of manifesting. You can speak a request out loud to the Universe, yet if you’re FEELING that you cannot or won’t have your desired outcome showing up effortlessly for you, you are just manifesting more of the same struggling and lacking experience. The outcome you want will undoubtedly occur if you are asking from a place of FEELING deeply connected to the Universe. By finding a quiet space inside yourself where your mind is silent and your heart is open, you will discover a highway of connection to the greatest Source of energy, information and power that you can imagine.
“As we want it and allow it…it is.” ~Abraham Hicks
Manifesting happens effortlessly when you stop trying so hard, and just relax into this divinity that is already here now. By transcending the needy grasping mind you realize that the benevolent Universe is already at “one” with you. From this wholesome space you can ask for anything, and know without a doubt that it will manifest for you. There is no greater manifestation power than the faith and trust within you. When you establish such a deep intimate relationship with the Universe, the mind chatter you once had is now quiet and calm, and you realize that within this intimate connection to the Universe all desires are instantly discovered.

“To understand the magical nature of the mind is to acquire awesome power. It is to understand that at every moment of our lives, we have the power to accomplish everything we want.” ~Deepak Chopra

Now it is time to ask the Universe for what you want. When you get clear on what this is, simply ask the Universe to support you in manifesting this. Make your request out loud in a strong powerful affirming voice. Say something like, “Universe, I ask that you support me in manifesting (put your request here). I ask that this be done to this highest good of all concerned. Thank you for fulfilling my request.” Continue to make this request any time you doubt your ability to manifest this desire, or feel contracted emotion around its manifestation such as fear or anger. Soon you will notice that the Universe is indeed answering your request. In a matter of hours or days, the people and resources that you need to manifest your desire will begin to appear in your life as if by magic.

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