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This "F*ck That" Meditation Actually Gets the Job Done(NSFW)

 If you've looked into guided meditation at all by this point, you already know the drill — a video or audio recording gives you instructions on allowing thoughts to drift in and out of your mind, clearing your head of everyday stresses in order to gain a semblance of calm.

 But what if the video addressed those exact stresses head on, albeit in a voice calm enough to soothe you anyway?

 That's the idea behind Jason Headley's "F*ck That" meditation video, which you can watch above.

 "Just acknowledge that all that sh*t is f*cking b*llshit — you're here now, in this place, with your inner stillness," he murmurs against a backdrop of crashing waves. "Take in a deep breath .. now breathe out. Just feel the f*cking nonsense float away."

  Headley, a freelance video creator, wrote on Facebook that he made the video for "the realities of today's world."

  While some may feel swearing is a form of aggression, the fact is, when you get those frustrations out of your system, it could in fact help relax and calm you down. And as one commenter wrote underneath the video, "It got mostly laughter out of me, but I'm pretty sure that it relaxed me."

  Whether or not there's science behind it, all we know is, it's f*cking brilliant.


(Snippet taken from HERE << credits to http://www.huffingtonpost)

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